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A Quick Tour of Wonscore
Discover a Simpler, Faster Way to Hire Better Employees

Wonscore pre-employment testing enhances your hiring process by providing significant insight on factors that help predict job success. Tour the features below and then try it yourself — free!

A more selective selection process

A more selective selection process

Drawing on decades of research, we’ve developed candidate profiles for more than 900 jobs across all major industries. Just select the job description and attributes that best match your open position. Then evaluate applicants based on benchmarks that are tailored to the position you’re filling.

A simpler way to screen candidates

A simpler way to screen candidates

Determine which candidates are worth pursuing before you review a single resume. Send applicants a link to our proven prescreening tests — or include it right on the job posting. The process is simple and entirely online.

A single score that helps you compare candidates

Top performance indicators are combined into a single Wonscore, allowing you to focus on who to hire, rather than how to hire.

  1. Congnitive Ability

    Cognitive Ability

    Measures a candidate’s ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions.

  2. Motivation


    Evaluates a candidate for key drivers of motivation linked to workplace engagement and job performance.

  3. Personality


    Assesses the alignment of a candidate’s personality traits with the demands of the job.

  4. Wonscore


    Get a single score that combines all three assessments for simple comparison to other candidates.

A closer look at the top contenders

A closer look at the top contenders

Quickly assess comparative strengths to help identify those with the greatest potential.

Automatically rank candidates based on their Wonscore to quickly see how they compare. Take a closer look at the detailed score breakdowns to better understand specific strengths, which best align with the position’s requirements.

An approach to hiring that aims higher

Be confident you’re bringing better employees on board.

A lot goes into finding and hiring the right candidate. With Wonscore, you can help ensure you’re focusing your valuable time on those with the greatest chance for success.

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Easy to get started

It’s simple to sign up for Wonscore and get started right away. Testing is entirely online and only takes minutes to set up.

Any device, at any time

Whether you’re on the go or in the office, Wonscore works how you work, where you work.

Responsive support

We’re with you every step of the way. Every Wonscore account includes unlimited email and phone support.

Make the right hire every time

Test an unlimited number of candidates during your 7-Day FREE Trial!

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