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Wonscore Hiring Test for Transportation and Logistics

Make smart hiring decisions for your transportation or logistics company with the Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform.

Proven Pre-employment Testing for Transportation and Logistics Jobs

Whether you’re hiring a Transportation Manager, Shipping and Receiving Supervisor, Logistics Coordinator or even a CFO, a resume lacks important information you need. You’re looking for quality employees with the traits, intelligence and hard-working attitude required to be productive.

Instead of wasting time trying to weed out unqualified candidates, now you can quickly test, rank and hire with Wonscore.

Transportation and Logistics Employment Assessments

Test your job applicants in the three areas proven to help you predict performance in transportation and logistics positions:

Cognitive Ability

Identify the job candidates with the proper problem-solving ability needed for transportation and logistics work.


Determine which candidates are self-starters that take pride in their job performance.


Measure important character traits, like agreeableness and conscientiousness.

The biggest benefit of Wonscore is the insight it provides about the strengths and weaknesses of applicants, both for use during the interview process, and for post-hire development.
— Allie Rivera HR Manager
In this industry, you have to be sharp. This is a hard attribute to measure, but Wonscore does just that! The Wonscore results have helped us hire smart, predict success, and promote from within. It has become invaluable to our recruiting & hiring process!
— Kari Wainwright VP of Recruiting
Wonderlic has been a great tool to utilize in our pre-screening process. It has steered us towards ideal candidates and has provided us with a better understanding of their capabilities.
— Jocelin Soler Human Resources Generalist
Honestly, the Wonderlic name is the industry standard. From an administrator's/recruiter's perspective, Wonscore is very hands off and requires little time investment, but yields maximum results.
— Meagan McKinnon Head of Customer Experience
I would recommend Wonderlic to any manager or company looking to get that extra insight into the job candidates that they are considering.
— Paul Hughes Customer Service Manager
Wonscore's self-service functionality allows us to have a more dynamic candidate assessment process than we were able to have before. This has markedly improved the hiring experience for our recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates.
— Krystal McGlaun, PHR Human Resources Generalist
Wonscore allows us to identify competitive candidates, some which don’t have a strong resume. The candidates that meet our criteria in Wonscore are much better suited to the position than those we identify simply by reviewing a resume or cover letter. This provides us tremendous savings in avoiding the wrong hires.
— Brad Kemp President
The comprehensive score and job fit insight from Wonscore makes our hiring process much simpler and saves a lot of candidate review time!
— Garland Laughner Human Resource Manager
Wonscore aligns seamlessly with our recruiting objectives, complementing our candidate screening process with a straightforward user interface that makes it easy to interpret the results.
— Josh Mills Manager, Human Resources

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