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How Wonscore Works for Retail

Make informed hiring decisions for your retail business with the Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform.

Pre-employment Testing for Your Retail Business

When it’s time to hire an employee for your business, basing your hiring decision solely on a resume or recommendation is simply not enough. You need a certain type of person with the right mix of traits, intelligence and work ethic – and that right mix varies by position.

With Wonscore, you’ll be able to more quickly focus on the best potential candidates for the job — whether you’re hiring for a Store Manager, Sales Associate, Buyer, Merchandiser or even a Loss Prevention Manager.

Online Employment Assessments for Retail

Test your job applicants in the three areas proven to predict performance for retail businesses like yours:

Cognitive Ability

Identify the job candidates with the right problem-solving abilities for your various retail positions.


Assess which candidates are most likely to work the hardest for you in your retail business.


Assess potential employees to help you better determine if they have traits like conscientiousness that are needed to succeed in retail jobs.

Using Wonscore gives us unique insights on applicants that we don't get through the standard application process.
— Kishan Madamala President

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