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Hire Better Real Estate Employees with Wonscore

The Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform helps you quickly identify and select the best job candidates for your agency to hire.

Pre-employment Testing Designed for Real Estate

In commercial or residential real estate, hiring highly competent, committed and reliable agents and support staff is mission-critical for your success. Whether you’re hiring a Real Estate Agent, Receptionist, Property Manager, or even a Web Developer, you need to know you can depend on your team to think critically and perform at a high level every single day.

Use Wonscore to help you test, rank and hire the optimal candidates for your real estate agency so you can build a driven-to-succeed, high-performing team.

Online Employee Assessments for Real Estate

Test potential employees in the areas most proven to predict performance in real estate positions:

Cognitive Ability

Quickly determine whether your candidates have the problem solving ability to meet the demands of your open positions.


Know which candidates are most likely to work the hardest and be the most productive for your real estate agency.


Identify job candidates that demonstrate key personality traits, including agreeableness and conscientiousness.

Wonscore is a user-friendly platform that helps make us more confident in the candidates we hire.
— Kimberly Bland Executive Assistant to President/Junior Recruiter
We love Wonscore’s cognitive test and use the results as a baseline for all applicants. Within a few clicks, we can identify top talent and determine if a candidate is the right fit for our company.
— Betsy Wolf VP of Human Resources
Wonscore has saved us hours and hours by allowing us to focus on the most qualified applicants, and it has significantly strengthened our interview process.
— Cyndy Crocker Senior Recruiter
We love the new Wonscore platform! It’s comprehensive and I especially like the Motivation portion, it has been very informative.
— Sheila Golden HR Director

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