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Wonscore Helps Identify Top Candidates for Professional Services

The Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform is a more efficient way for you to find the best candidates in your applicant pool for your professional services positions.

Pre-employment Testing for Professional Services

When it’s time to hire there are a lot of tough questions to be answered. Which candidates are more likely to have that certain fire-in-the belly to succeed? Are they problem solvers? Do some lack attention to detail? Are any more likely than others to be team players?

Whether you’re hiring an Attorney, Accountant, Engineer or even an Office Manager, identifying the best candidates has always been a challenge.

Now, Wonscore enables you to test and rank your job candidates according to position-specific benchmarks so you can quickly identify individuals in your talent pool best-suited for your open positions.

Online Hiring Test for Professional Services

Assess your candidates in the three areas proven to predict success in specific professional services roles:

Cognitive Ability

Assess whether your job candidates possess the intelligence to thrive in specific professional services jobs.


Identify the candidates most likely to produce the greatest long-term value for your professional services firm.


Measure important character traits, such as agreeableness and conscientiousness.

By using Wonscore, we have identified multiple candidates we otherwise thought would work for open positions, avoiding incorrect fits which tend to lower team morale and overall productivity.
— Brandy M. Austin Managing Attorney
Wonscore really helps narrow down our applicant pool. We have found it a great way to focus only on the best applicants - the ones most likely to fit the position well and be able to perform the job requirements.
— Kirsten Culverhouse Office Manager
We use the Wonderlic test with candidates for our clients and for candidates for Celectiv. We can think of no better endorsement. We use it ourselves.
— Greg Carrott CEO
Wonscore is fantastic! It is essential for us to find and hire the top talent in the fitness industry, and since we started using Wonscore it has become much easier to separate the good candidates from the truly exceptional. I'd recommend Wonscore to anyone looking for an objective way to filter through a large pool of applicants.
— Jesse C. Walker Co-Owner/Operator
Not only did Wonscore allow me to hire the best candidates, but it made the hiring process much easier. Out of 300+ candidates, it allowed me to find the perfect match.
— Heather Cox Founder - Lean Queens Academy
Wonscore has saved us from making the wrong hiring decisions. It helps us narrow down the applicant pool to only capable applicants and is a great tool in assisting us in making the right hiring choices. It is a win-win for applicants and our company.
— Adela Gonzalez, CSP CEO
Wonderlic testing has added so much value in our recruiting processes. What was once a guessing game, has now become a science.
— Ken Brown CEO
Wonscore helps us understand the personality, cognitive ability, and motivation levels of our candidates, so we’re able to place them in the right roles to be successful and grow within our business. Our results from using Wonscore are nothing short of excellent.
— Joseph Stoker Quality Control/Business Development Coordinator

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