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Wonscore for Effective Hiring in Manufacturing

Make informed hiring decisions for your manufacturing business with the Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform.

Pre-employment Testing for Your Manufacturing Jobs

Today, you’re being forced to produce more with less. The relentless push toward greater efficiencies directly impacts who and how you hire.

When hiring for manufacturing jobs, resumes and interviews alone don’t provide enough information. You need a certain type of person with the right mix of abilities, traits and work ethic. And weeding out unqualified and unmotivated candidates is difficult and time consuming.

With Wonscore, you can more quickly identify the best job candidates from your applicant pool — whether you’re hiring a Plant Manager, Sales Director, Warehouse Supervisor, Machine Operator, Shipping and Receiving Clerk, or even a Cost Accountant.

Online Manufacturing Employment Assessments

Test your job applicants in the three areas proven to help you predict performance in manufacturing jobs:

Cognitive Ability

Identify job candidates with the problem-solving ability vital to accomplishing their job duties productively.


Determine which candidates are most likely to truly “work” from the start and remain highly productive over the long term.


Uncover applicant potential by measuring key personality traits that highly correlate with strong performance and rule compliance in specific manufacturing positions.

Wonscore is quite inexpensive when compared to the high cost of wasted staff hours trying to train a poor hire, or worse, firing an employee who should’ve never been hired in the first place. Truly, I wouldn’t use any other pre-employment tool.
— CJ Van Wagner COO
Wonscore allows us to quickly gauge how a candidate may fit in overall. We have had great success when using Wonscore to place people in the correct positions so they may succeed with our company.
— Courtney Harris Accounting and Fixed Operations
After we implemented the Wonderlic tests we saw a dramatic improvement in our hiring process. These assessments save us a ton of time, and we’re so happy with the quality of hires and their success on the job.
— Phil Lundman Owner
Using Wonderlic allows us to align an applicant’s strengths with a variety of jobs. We also have the advantage of zeroing in on areas of weakness and often start our training there.
— Kathy Campbell, SHRM-SCP HR Generalist

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