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Wonscore Helps You Hire Better IT Professionals

Make more informed hiring decisions about your information technology team with the Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform.

Powerfully Simple Pre-employment Testing for IT

Hiring for any Information Technology position is getting harder every day.

It doesn’t matter if you’re hiring for an in-house IT department or a Managed Service Provider (MSP), identifying and selecting the right Software Developers, Business Analysts, Customer Support Representatives and System Engineers can be particularly challenging in today’s competitive marketplace. One candidate might possess exceptional problem solving ability, but lack conscientiousness – or vice versa. Another might submit the perfect resume, but lack the drive to succeed.

Fortunately, Wonscore can help. Wonscore enables you to test and rank job candidates according to benchmarks created specifically for IT positions so you can easily identify those applicants most likely to succeed.

Online IT Employment Tests

Assess your job candidates in the three areas proven to increase your chances of hiring successfully for IT positions:

Cognitive Ability

Measure whether your candidates have the proper problem-solving ability to perform in your IT positions.


Identify the candidates most likely to exhibit a strong commitment to their work, team, supervisors and customers.


Wonscore assesses key personality traits, such as agreeableness and conscientiousness.

Wonscore has allowed us to identify motivated, best-fit candidates to join our team.
— Haralyn Victor HR Manager
We LOVE using Wonscore. Now, we are able to get significant insight into candidates before we hire them. We are extremely impressed with what Wonscore offers us and the time it has saved us!
— Erika Wells Manager, HR/Benefits/Recruiting
Our outsourced HR service provides us with its own screening tools, but we have found that Wonscore helps us better understand our candidates before they walk in the door for interviews. This is really a valuable tool for Fulton May, and I wish that we had come across it sooner.
— John Sikaras Principal
Wonscore has become an indispensable part of scaling our hiring process.
— John Witchel COO
In helping us zero in on top candidates, Wonscore has quickly become a key part of our hiring process. The ease of use for us, and our candidates, makes using Wonscore a breeze!
— Barb Dusek HR Director
The information we get from Wonderlic is invaluable and has steered us away from making bad hires. Wonderlic is one of our best hiring tools, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for better results in their hiring process.
— Gary Whittaker Service Manager
Wonscore has been instrumental for identifying quality candidates, and it has allowed us to be more selective with our hires.
— TJ Martin Director of Client Services
I am big fan of Wonscore! Having the cognitive, personality, and motivation tests all in one really helps us in hiring the best candidates possible.
— Mark Peffer President
With Wonscore as our principal hiring evaluation tool, our new hire success rate has reached nearly 100%.
— Micheal Goodwin COO
Wonscore is an essential part of our hiring process - we use it to assess the best candidates for the right roles.
— Nick Marcarelli Vice President
By screening candidates for fit in terms of cognitive ability, motivation, and personality, we have reduced turnover and tremendously improved our hiring process by hiring individuals who fit well within the company, engage well with coworkers and clients, and have greater job satisfaction.
— Taylor Toce President & CEO
Vonigo takes great pride in making great hires. Wonderlic is an invaluable part of our hiring process that helps us better evaluate candidates.
— Rick Brooks-Hill COO
We use the Wonderlic test as one step in our assessment process for prospective students for our coding bootcamp program. We find it extremely helpful in identifying the type of person who will be successful in our program and as a software developer.
— Mel McGee CEO & Founder
Out of 300 applicants, Wonscore allowed us to easily identify the top 10%. This saved us hours and hours of calling the wrong candidates.
— Daniel Castro Project Manager

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