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Improved Hiring for Your Insurance Agency

The Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform streamlines your ability to identify the best candidates for specific positions in your independent agency.

Predictive Pre-employment Testing for Insurance Agencies

Given all the recent changes in the insurance industry, it is more important than ever for you to make the right hiring decision for every position.

Whether you’re hiring for a Sales Rep, Office Manager, Customer Support Specialist or any other role, the ability to hire quality employees can make or break an insurance agency. You need to know you can depend on your team to truly “produce” at a high level every single day.

Use Wonscore to test, rank and help identify the best applicants from your candidate pool so you can achieve your production goals with greater confidence.

Pre-Hire Assessments for Insurance Positions

Test potential employees in the areas proven to identify top candidates for insurance positions:

Cognitive Ability

Uncover whether candidates have the problem-solving ability to meet the demands of your agency’s jobs.


Know which candidates are most likely to work the hardest for your insurance agency.


Identify job candidates who possess key personality traits, such as agreeableness and conscientiousness.

We rely on Wonscore assessments during the hiring process to help predict job fit and future performance. The reports are straightforward and we’ve seen accurate results in assessing new hires.
— Doug Levy Chief Operating Officer
Using Wonscore my last hire has been one of the best new employees I’ve had in years. I highly recommend this for other insurance agents.
— Derek McCoy Agency Owner
Wonderlic scores have proven to be an accurate predictor of success within our agency. It is the first qualifying tool we use for every applicant.
— Jessica Yarbrough, CIC, CISR VP of Operations
Wonscore from Wonderlic has streamlined our hiring process and helps quickly identify great applicants. We’ve already made one hire and he’s been awesome. Wonscore has also saved me a tremendous amount of time and I’m confident it will continue to do so in the future.
— Steve Crowl Insurance Agent
If a company hires the wrong person, it’s difficult for everyone. Wonscore gives us an in-depth look at candidates that we can’t get from an interview. Wonscore has greatly improved our acquisition of new employees and, most importantly, it gives us confidence in who we hire rather than feeling like we’re rolling the dice.
— Fred Shaw VP, Underwriting & Marketing

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