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Wonscore Works for Hospitality Hiring

Use the Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform to help you identify employees with the ability, drive and disposition most needed to perform at a high level in the hospitality industry.

Proven Pre-employment Testing for Hospitality Jobs

People are at the core of what makes hospitality work. Whether you’re seeking a Food and Beverage Director, Front Desk staffer, General Manager, or even an Events Coordinator, hiring quality employees is crucial to your ability to serve others.

Wonscore is an online assessment platform that scores and ranks your job applicants according to position-specific benchmarks. You can immediately identify those who align best with your hospitality positions.

Online Hospitality Employment Testing

Assess your candidates in the three areas proven to predict the likelihood of success in specific hospitality jobs:

Cognitive Ability

See if your job candidates have the problem-solving ability to meet the demands of your open hospitality positions.


Identify candidates who are most likely to be self-starters and dedicate themselves to a high level of performance.


Wonscore reveals character-based information by assessing key traits like conscientiousness and agreeableness.

Our culture is special to us, and we find Wonscore to be a great tool as we search for successful fits.
— Rob Brooks Co-Owner/Governor

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