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Wonscore Pre-Hire Tests for Health Care

Bring transparency and clarity to all your health care hiring decisions with the Wonscore online testing platform.

Pre-Employment Testing for Your Health Care Positions

When hiring for positions as critical as those found in health care, a resume simply doesn’t give you enough information on which to make an informed decision. You need to know your new hires possess the ability, personality and work ethic to thrive in their specific role. And screening for unqualified candidates can be a tedious, time-consuming task.

With Wonscore, you can quickly identify the best potential candidates among all your applicants. Whether you’re hiring an Occupational Therapist, LPN, Billing and Coding Specialist, or even a Marketing Director, Wonscore becomes vital to your organization’s ongoing health.

Online Health Care Employment Testing

Test your job applicants in the three areas most likely to predict high performance in health care jobs:

Cognitive Ability

Identify job candidates with the greatest aptitude and problem-solving ability for your health care positions.


Determine candidates most likely to be driven to succeed in your health care organization.


Understand candidates’ personality traits to gauge whether they are likely to succeed in your health care positions.

Wonscore has allowed us to save time by separating our top candidates from the rest. With over 500 applicants, we were able to save hours and hours of time by narrowing down the pool with Wonscore.
— Amy Mejia Sr. HR Manager
We had 128 applicants for our Business Manager opening. Wonscore from Wonderlic provided us with crucial analytics to pare down that large group to a short list for interviews.
— Edward Sobek, PhD, MBA President/Director
We use Wonscore to help determine who the best employees will be. We wanted a tool that provided greater insight into a candidate's strengths and weaknesses, including their understanding of the role.
— Amy Brown Practice Relations & Recruitment
Wonscore gives us a valuable baseline to work with when evaluating candidates.
— James Cary President & CEO
Wonscore has made it easy to select the best candidates for an interview. Wonscore has been an amazing hiring tool for our practice.
— Laurie Hummel Practice Manager
I love the simplicity of Wonscore. It makes it easy to validate the impressions received from the rest of the interview process and has allowed us to greatly improve our success rate on hiring.
— Richard Cantu Founder & Co-CEO
Wonscore has been a great resource when evaluating candidates for our open positions. The easy-to-use platform creates a quick snapshot of candidates, and provides insight to their future potential. We use it when interviewing for all positions.
— Sarah Powers General Manager
Wonscore has saved us a tremendous amount of time by pinpointing the best candidates for our jobs, and it is amazing how easy Wonscore is to use.
— Lauren Walsh Administrative Manager
Wonscore gives us an unbiased and objective data point, which not only helps us save time when recruiting, but also helps us identify candidates for future leadership roles.
— Christopher Mader Vice President, Performance & Development
Hiring is like going on a blind date – or even worse, speed dating! After a series of disastrous hires, we had to do something. Wonscore and its multiple dimensions have helped us make significantly better hiring decisions – we are happy and will continue using it!
— Dr. Sean Fahimi CEO
Wonderlic is used for each of our vocational assessments. With the online access we are able to complete testing in the office or on the go and without the need for forms and manual scoring. So easy to use and provides great insight about each individual.
— Katie Bassett M.A., BSc.O.T, CLCP, MCVP Occupational Therapist, Masters Disability Management, Certified Life Care Planner
Wonscore helped us narrow down our applicant pool significantly. We knew from the test results that we were making the right hires, and they are working out perfectly! We will not hire anyone without using Wonscore moving forward.
— Jan Gillette Office Manager
With Wonscore, we now know if and how quickly our candidates will be able to learn and adapt to the position they are applying for.
— Jenna Stork Recruitment Coordinator / Co-Owner
Wonscore was recommended to us as the best overall assessment for finding the right new talent, and also as a way to save time; something which is so valuable to us in our busy office. I have really found this to be an extremely useful approach to measure of hiring the best candidates for the job.
— Erica Savage-Sitokisi Office Manager for Matthew Sanders, DDS, MS

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