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Wonscore – The Right Recipe for Food Service Hiring

The Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform has all the ingredients needed to make more informed hiring decisions for your restaurant or other food service business.

Elegantly Simple Pre-employment Testing for Food Service

Hiring the right people for any food service position is always important, but rarely easy. One candidate might have the right resume for your job, but lack an appropriate level of conscientiousness. Or an Assistant Manager candidate might talk a good game in an interview, but still lack the inner drive needed to excel.

Wonscore makes finding quality restaurant employees faster and easier. By testing and ranking job candidates according to position-specific benchmarks, you significantly increase your chances of finding the right fit for you.

Whether you’re hiring a Line Cook, Kitchen Manager, Wait Staff or even a Dishwasher, Wonscore enables you to make smart hiring decisions faster.

Online Employment Assessment for Food Service

Assess your candidates in the three areas proven to improve successful hiring in food service positions:

Cognitive Ability

Know whether your job candidates have the problem solving skills to thrive at your food service establishment.


Identify self-starting candidates who are more likely to contribute to the long term value of your business.


Uncover key personality traits, such as agreeableness and conscientiousness.

We lean on Wonscore testing to establish early on if a candidate has the aptitude to accomplish the job, as well as the motivation and personality to match the needs of the company and our customers. This has sped up our vetting process by providing us with a qualified candidate pool to start in-person interviews.
— Christopher East Co-Owner
Using Wonscore has allowed us to look for job-specific traits in new hires and, ultimately, fill our talent gaps to establish a more well-rounded company.
— James Rogers President
The Wonderlic assessment has served as a great tool for our hiring managers. It is reassuring to managers to know that they can pick up on the candidate's traits in an interview that are consistent with Wonderlic results, which allows our team to make an informed hiring decision.
— Suzy Naker Talent Success Manager
Wonderlic helps us distinguish between good and not good candidates for our company, and our new hires definitely reflect the corporate culture we desire.
— Luke N. L'Heureux Director of Operations

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