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Pre-Employment Testing for Financial Services

The Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform makes it easier to hire right the first time for specific positions in your firm.

Better Hiring for Your Growing Financial Firm

From Brokers to Branch Managers, or Tellers to Teleservice Reps – your employees are the key drivers of your organization’s success. You need to know you can depend on your entire team to solve problems and perform with precision every single day.

With Wonscore, you can dramatically increase your chances for ongoing success. Use Wonscore to test, identify and rank candidates for your financial services positions so you can achieve your talent management goals with confidence.

Employment Assessments for Financial Services

Test potential employees in the areas most proven to predict performance in financial services positions:

Cognitive Ability

Quickly determine whether your candidates have the problem solving ability to meet the demands of your open positions.


Know which candidates will most likely work the hardest and longest for your financial services firm.


Identify job candidates with important personality traits, including openness and conscientiousness.

Wonscore significantly reduced our time to identify the most qualified candidates and helped us zero in on areas to explore during the interview process. The hires have proven to demonstrate natural talents in the areas identified with the highest job fit.
— Bill Evans President
Even in the early stages of using Wonscore, we already see that the platform is helping us identify better qualified candidates. We’re confident that will translate into improving our ability to predict job performance.
— Kent Jones SVP/Chief Operating Officer
Wonscore has helped us to evaluate areas not addressed by our interviews. Now we find the right person for the job - and not just someone to fill a spot.
— Phillip Clark President
I was very happy with Wonderlic and wound up getting a great hire. I was looking for ‘smart’ and I certainly got that.
— Ralph Sklar Principal, Financial Advisor

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