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Construction Hiring is Better with Wonscore

Make smart, efficient hiring decisions for your construction business with the Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform.

Pre-employment Testing for Your Construction Jobs

When it’s time to hire a construction employee, it can take weeks, or even months, to sift through resumes and weed out unqualified applicants. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Office Staff, Onsite Labor or Senior Managers, hiring for the construction industry has always been hard.

But with Wonscore, applicants take an online test that quickly assesses and ranks them for a specific job. Whether you’re hiring a Sales Rep, Cost Estimator, Project Manager, Equipment Operator or even a Digital Marketing Specialist, Wonscore helps you uncover the candidates with the right combination of traits, abilities and attitude to perform at a high level.

Online Construction Employment Assessment

Test your job applicants in the three areas most likely to predict performance in construction jobs:

Cognitive Ability

Identify the job candidates with the right level of problem-solving skills necessary for your construction jobs.


Determine which candidates will work the hardest for your construction business over the long term.


See beyond the resume by measuring key character traits like conscientiousness and agreeableness.

We started using Wonscore to get a better overall picture of our candidates and how good of a fit they would be for our company. It has proven to be an excellent time-saver!
— Carol Deatrick Team Developer
As a recruitment company that receives hundreds of applications every day, we can help ensure a higher standard of candidate by moving forward with only those who perform well on the Wonscore tests.
— George Wauchope CEO
Why guess when you can rely on science. The Wonscore Platform has streamlined our hiring process and helped us to identify the right applicant for the position. We highly recommend Wonscore to everyone except our competitors.
— Brent Marler Owner
Upon implementing the Wonscore assessments we made a really good hire, and while our new employee is definitely a fit cognitively, he is also a great fit in terms of motivation and personality. But perhaps more importantly as we continue to look for our next hire, we’ve already weeded out some applicants that either can’t do the work, or will be unhappy in the job and won’t persist. So far, we’re raving fans.
— Tom Dearden President
Wonscore has added another dimension to our hiring process by giving us greater insight into prospective hires. The cognitive assessment has been especially helpful in hiring HVAC technicians.
— Judi Sewall Co-Owner
Wonscore gives us the insight we need to consistently onboard A-player talent. This translates into higher retention of employees and clients, as well as an overall healthier workplace.
— Christine Locascio CFO
After a number of our hires did not work out, resulting in lowered company morale and a significant loss of time and money, another business owner recommended we try Wonderlic. Previously, we had been sold on applicants based on what they said they could do and how they came across in interviews. Now, Wonscore gives us much deeper insight into who and what a candidate is all about so we know which candidates to follow up with.
— Sally Thayer Office Administrator, PMECI
As I’ve learned from books like Good to Great, Traction, and First, Break all the Rules, you cannot create a world-class organization with a mediocre approach to acquiring talent. By previously relying on a combination of a candidate’s personal connections and their experience level, we placed a number of the ‘right’ people in the wrong positions. Wonscore helps identify the unique talents of a person and pair that with the right role, allowing a hiring manager to see behind the curtain at what really drives a candidate.
— Justin Zeller Owner & General Manager
I have used pre-employment tests before, and Wonscore is much easier to use, plus it quickly scores the tests and ranks my candidates. It's also a much better experience for my applicants. This has helped me put people into the right seats within the business for the long term.
— Darryl Robinson Owner
With Wonscore we’ve been able to spot high potential applicants early in the process, as well as avoid making any bad hires.
— Jon White Employee Development
Wonderlic tests are an accurate measure of how a person will perform.
— J. Brody Funk Owner
Wonscore has given us the ability to gain additional insight on prospective candidates and afforded us the opportunity to grow our team with strong hires. We will continue to use Wonscore for each hire.
— Mike Grassi Branch General Manager

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