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Make smart, efficient hiring decisions for your business using Wonscore online pre-employment testing.

Pre-employment Testing for Business Services Positions

Whether you’re an advertising agency or a building maintenance firm, your people are your business. When it’s time to hire an Account Executive, Director, Consultant, Analyst or even an IT Manager, you need more insight than a resume can provide.

Wonscore pre-employment testing makes it fast and easy to identify candidates with the ideal combination of abilities, intelligence and work ethic to excel in specific jobs. Easily eliminate unqualified applicants and quickly identify the most promising candidates with Wonscore.

Business Services Employment Assessment

Test your job applicants in the three areas most likely to predict performance in business services jobs:

Cognitive Ability

Identify the job candidates with the greatest aptitude for your business services position.


Find candidates that are internally driven to work hard in order to achieve success in your business.


Measure important traits like agreeableness and conscientiousness.

Wonderlic gives us a way to assess a candidate's abilities when previously it would have taken at least three months of working with them to discover. A wrong hire is expensive and Wonderlic has saved us from a few.
— Tim Gosnell Owner
We decided to use Wonscore after hiring multiple poor candidates. As security integrators, it's important to have someone with technical expertise and inductive reasoning skills for troubleshooting. We really wanted to find a way to further qualify people's cognitive abilities and motivation. That's when we stumbled across Wonscore. It's given us the ability to qualify candidates and compare results across the board.
— Jay Hobdy Operations Manager
Wonscore lets us know if candidates are cognitively, emotionally and motivationally strong enough to effectively handle their position. I especially like that it asks questions that are often overlooked in an interview setting.
— Gillian Alvillar Human Resources Director
We've built our entire Service Team by hiring candidates that were favorably evaluated using Wonscore. Since we started using the Wonscore tests, we get smart, hardworking people from day one.
— Charlie Parham President and GM
Wonscore is a HUGE timesaver for us. It allows us to evaluate hundreds of candidates quickly, and enables us to focus only on the higher caliber candidates. I wholeheartedly endorse Wonscore for identifying suitable candidates for our PPC and Adwords Agency.
— Deborah Squibb Owner
With no pre-employment assessment in place, we made a number of bad hires. Our peers recommended Wonderlic. By preventing even one bad hire, the cost of Wonscore is a fraction of the price of hiring the wrong person.
— David B. Barber, CPA/CFE/CGMA Partner
We focus on hiring entry-level talent, so the majority of our candidates have limited experience. Wonderlic allows us to overcome that by helping to identify the best available talent within our candidate pool.
— April Garvey VP, Marketing
Using Wonscore not only saves us an incredible amount of time, it provides laser focus on the skills our employees need to be superstars. As a 100% virtual company, the detail provided in each category – cognitive, motivation and personality – is amazingly useful in helping us parse through hundreds of resumes to identify and hire the perfect candidate.
— Jenny Horne HR & Training Coordinator
We attribute our success in filling a high level position in large part to using the no-hassle Wonscore testing platform as an integral part our decision making process.
— Bill Oler Board member, Solon (Ohio) Chamber of Commerce, Pres, Chagrin Safety Supply Inc.
Wonscore has helped me make smarter decisions on who to interview. It has significantly reduced the time I spend on the hiring process because I only interview candidates that have scored well on the Wonscore tests. I wish I started using it sooner.
— Carlo Di Leo President
With all new job applicants now filtering through Wonscore, we are more confident than ever in our hiring decisions.
— Zack Stone Principal
Wonscore helped us to narrow the candidate pool down to a handful of people who were solid matches to the jobs we had posted. With Wonscore, we are more confident that these people will be positive contributors to our business and a good match to the job expectations.
— David Duhl President & CEO
Since using Wonderlic we’ve sorted through the wave of applicants to find top talent, and have had 100% retention of those we’ve hired. They are A+ team members.
— Megan Malone Founding Partner
The Wonscore testing products have ultimately saved our agency valuable time and headache by allowing us to accurately evaluate applicants from a variety of different angles.
— Shannon Mooney Office Manager

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