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How Wonscore Works for Automotive Dealers

Make the best hiring decisions for your dealership with the Wonscore online pre-employment testing platform.

Pre-employment Testing for Automotive Dealerships

When hiring for your dealership, you can’t base your decision on a resume alone. You need a certain type of person with the right mix of abilities, skills and passion. And the right mix varies by position. It could take months just to weed through the candidates who ultimately don’t seem to qualify.

But with Wonscore, you can quickly and easily find the strong fits for any job — whether you’re hiring a Salesperson, Technician, Internet Sales Manager or even a Courtesy Van Driver.

Dealership Pre-Hire Employment Assessment

Test your job applicants in the three areas most likely to predict performance at a dealership like yours:

Cognitive Ability

Identify the job candidates with the greatest levels of understanding and comprehension.


Determine which candidates will work the hardest for your business over the long term.


Measure your candidate’s personality to see if they have the preferred traits for most any position in an automotive dealership.

Using Wonscore, we are now retaining 4 out of every 5 employees that we offer a position to, which has dramatically reduced our onboarding costs, as well as the time consuming process of interviewing the wrong candidates.
— Stephen Bozek National Sales Director

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Wonderlic helps us find candidates with the traits we need in our line of work. It really helps the interviewer focus on the personality of the individual because Wonderlic takes care of the rest.
— Chris Best Marketing Communications Manager
Using Wonscore has streamlined our entire hiring process. Our last hire did not have the strongest resume and would not have been interviewed, but after seeing the Wonscore results we called them in for an interview and they were a perfect fit. Without Wonscore, we probably would have missed out on a great employee!
— Michael Kebrdle Owner
Wonscore’s ability to match quality candidates by giving us a clear indication of success based on cognitive ability, motivation and personality is invaluable. The dashboard is extremely intuitive and easy to use, and Wonscore support is always there when we need it to answer questions or get training.
— Jeanette Bogdon Vice President of Human Resources
Wonderlic’s client support, combined with the ease of taking the Wonscore test and getting the results, was the perfect addition to our process.
— Jefferson L. Hodges GM/Competition Director
I was frustrated with not being able to find employees that could learn the job fast enough. Wonscore has saved me tons of time by helping me find smart and motivated employees.
— David Begin Co-founder of Levante Business Group, the managing partner of Wild Blue Car Wash

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