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The success of your business depends on a great team. Wonscore from Wonderlic is an easier, faster way to hire better employees.

  • Proven method for predicting job performance
  • Assesses cognitive ability, motivation and personality
  • Make more informed hiring decisions
  • Improve your employee retention
  • Start testing in minutes from any device

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Wonscore’s scientifically proven platform helps you easily identify who to interview and hire.

No more relying solely on gut-level decisions. With Wonscore, you can validate your intuition with facts that help you make the best hiring decision.

3 tests. 1 score. Better hires.

Wonscore assesses and ranks potential employees in the areas scientifically proven to predict job performance:

Cognitive Ability

Measures a candidate’s ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions.


Evaluates a candidate’s interests, which helps predict how motivated an applicant will be by the actual responsibilities of the job.


Assesses the alignment of a candidate’s personality traits with the demands of the job.


Get a single score that combines all three assessments for simple comparison to other candidates.

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All three pre-employment tests are built on Wonderlic’s 75 years of success.
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