Scholastic Level Exam (SLE Test & SLE-Q)

Discover your students’ potential by using the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE Test) – the number one predictor of academic success.

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE Test & SLE-Q) enables you to make quicker and better informed student admissions decisions in today’s fast-paced market.

When used in the admission process, the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE Test and SLE-Q Test) can help:


  • Retention
  • Graduation
  • Job Placement


  • GPA
  • Completion
  • Loan Default

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The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE Test) features fast, easy and flexible administration. Utilize the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE Test) in your admissions process and help increase student retention, graduation and job placement rates.


Fast, easy on-site administration with SLE

Off-site, online administration with SLE-Q

SLE Features

Program-Specific Scoring Ranges

Standardized scoring ranges for a wide range of career programs are available. Custom scoring ranges can be created by our analysts.

Two Administration Methods Available

Online administration, scoring and reporting: On-site SLE Test or off-site SLE-Q Test from any computer with Internet connectivity, individual or group administration, results available in minutes, and paper and pencil requires no technology to administer and score (Step-by-step administration guide and answer key scoring).

Intuitive Results Report

Easy to interpret results are shown on one page. Simple, two-color system—Green and Red—indicates candidate suitability compared to program minimum score.

Simple Student Record Management in Wonderlic Online

Online sort and filter tools enable you to quickly rank, order and prioritize applicants based on SLE Test score. Students’ progression through your enrollment process can be easily tracked.


Administration Method


# of Questions


Off Site

8 minutes

30 questions

  • Abbreviated, unproctored version given as precursor to proctored SLE Test
  • Remote administration
  • Non-proctored

On Site

12 minutes

50 questions

  • Proctored, on site administration
  • Online and paper versions available