Wonderlic Ability-to-Benefit Test (ATB Test)

Assess your students with the leading Ability-to-Benefit Test solution.

The Wonderlic Ability-to-Benefit Test (ATB Test) is a proven, all-inclusive admission solution.

Our Ability-To-Benefit Test is designed to help career educators identify and enroll students who lack a high school diploma but possess the basic skills needed to benefit from post-secondary education.

Your qualified Ability-to-Benefit students are eligible for Title IV funding!

  • Our complete solution includes: ATB test administration, scoring and reporting software.
  • Department of Education (ED) approved online and paper ATB English tests.
  • The ONLY ED approved Spanish language ATB test.
  • Independent Test Administrator (ITA) training, certification, support and monitoring.
  • Access to Wonderlic’s Ability-to-Benefit test experts and live support professionals.

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Ability-to-Benefit Test Features

Key features of the Wonderlic Ability-to-Benefit Test that support quicker and more effective decision-making.

Independent Test Administrator Support

Training, certification and annual re-certification as required by the US Department of Education.

Flexible Ability-to-Benefit Test Format Options

English and Spanish (Wonderlic has the ONLY approved Spanish language ATB admission test). Online administration: Automated scoring provides instant student results and official scores immediately available. Paper and pencil administration needs no technology to administer and score: Step-by-step administration guide, answer sheets scored by Wonderlic, official score reports available online in as little as 24 hours and unofficial score reports available in minutes via Wonderlic Online.

Official ATB Test Results Report

Official ATB Test score report available to candidate and archived in your online account. One-page report indicates ATB Test status as “Eligible” or “Not Eligible”. Scores are shown graphically in relation to minimum required scores. Bundled and diagnostic reports available.

Sophisticated Test Design

Item Response Theory scoring uses a holistic view of the student’s response pattern to help ensure integrity of the results.

20-Minute Administration per Test

Wonderlic Online Test Administration, Scoring and Reporting Platform

All data gathered through Wonderlic Online, including student information and test scores, as well as faxed scores, are stored securely in Wonderlic Online. You can immediately access information and test results on any applicant in any stage of the enrollment process.