Teamwork Skills Training

What are Teamwork Skills?

Teamwork skills include the full range of business soft skills applied to a team environment. These skills help increase team productivity and strengthen business outcomes. As a bonus, employees who apply these skills may find more job satisfaction.

Using Teamwork Skills in the Workplace

This example is from a scenario in the "Compromising with Teammates" section of the Teamwork Skills Training Course. Learners experience how unconstructive behavior can harm team relationships and damage a person's professional reputation.


This Teamwork Skills Training course is one of the ten courses included in the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. These one-hour eLearning courses, combined with competency-based assessments, teach and verify mastery of ten soft skills that are critical to workplace success.

In this course, students learn that being an effective team member means recognizing the contributions of others, keeping promises, and compromising when needed.

Subject Areas Covered Include:

  • Being an Effective Team Member
  • Compromising

Administration: Online and Self-Paced
Time: Approximately 50 Minutes
Cost: $19.95/Student


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Teamwork skills are important in today’s team-oriented workplaces. Working productively with others is key to building and maintaining a positive professional reputation. Giving credit, rather than taking it, sharing information and staying on schedule are all ways to gain the respect of teammates.

Team members must be responsible and deliver their work on time. They also must deal effectively and productively with conflict. Although conflict is unavoidable, conflict management can help teammates listen to each other, build on each others’ ideas, and create new and better solutions.

Another part of being a good teammate is contributing to discussions and giving honest feedback. The course encourages learners to express ideas, and listen to the ideas of others, without judgement. Then, learners are shown how to brainstorm productively and respect their teammates opinions.

Finally, we teach the valuable skills needed to compromise and reach agreement with coworkers. Honest feedback and constructive criticism are critical for high performance teams.

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