Self-Management Skills Training

What are Self-Management Skills?

Self-Management Skills are techniques for effectively managing work responsibilities and personal behaviors, commitments, and emotions. Proficient use of self-management techniques results in increased productivity and a healthy work/life balance.

Using Self-Management Skills at Work

This example is from a scenario in the "Stress Management" portion of the Self-Management Skills Training course from the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. Students experience how planning for and properly managing stress improves work performance and increases their professional reputation.


This Self-Management Skills Training course is one of the ten courses included in the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. These ten, one-hour eLearning courses, and professionally developed competency-based assessment, teach and verify mastery of ten crucial soft skills that are critical to workplace success.

In this course, students learn how to support their professional reputation and improve job performance by implementing self-management skills.

Subject Areas Covered Include:

  • Time Management
  • Managing Social Boundaries
  • Stress Management

Administration: Online and Self-Paced
Time: Approximately 60 Minutes
Cost: $19.95/Student


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Self-Management Skills are soft skills that make employees more valuable and effective at work. Using self-management skills, employees will improve their performance and increase the sense that they are making effective team contributions. Time management, managing social boundaries and managing stress are all important elements in job success.

Students are taught how to use professional time management tools, such as the “to do” list process, meeting deadlines, and informing colleagues of problems in a timely manner. The lessons address common challenges to time management, some created by learners and some generated by external requests.

Managing social boundaries helps an employee protect their professional image, and maintain a positive work atmosphere among coworkers. Knowing what is inappropriate to discuss at work or making poor decisions about social media postings and other website blogs and posts can save a career.

Stress management includes techniques that can be used on the job to increase work life balance, and techniques for relaxation that can be implemented outside of the workplace.

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