Professionalism Skills Training

What are Professionalism Skills?

Professionalism Skills are individual behaviors that demonstrate integrity, a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a respect for professional etiquette.

Demonstrating Professionalism Skills at Work

This example is from a scenario in the "Professional Etiquette" portion of the Professionalism Skills Training course from the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. Students experience how careless or rude behavior is perceived by coworkers, and how it can harm their professional reputation.


This Professionalism Skills Training course is one of the ten courses included in the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. These one-hour eLearning courses, combined with competency-based assessments, teach and verify mastery of ten soft skills that are critical to workplace success.

In this course, students learn about proper workplace behavior.

Subject Areas Covered Include:

  • Professional Etiquette
  • Professional Integrity
  • Positive Professional Attitude

Administration: Online and Self-Paced
Time: Approximately 75 Minutes
Cost: $19.95/Student


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Professionalism skills are critical for any employee who wants to build a strong, positive professional reputation. Understanding business etiquette and maintaining a positive attitude are essential workplace skills for job success. And, professional integrity is the key to gaining the respect of coworkers, managers and customers.

Professional soft skills are about much more than business etiquette and interaction with fellow employees. Wonderlic’s Professionalism Skills Training Course covers decisions about what’s wrong and right. These decisions are questions of integrity. We teach integrity using scenarios that demonstrate the negative consequences of a lack of integrity.

In addition, students learn about the value of a positive attitude, and that it’s more than agreeing with colleagues or wearing a smile. A positive attitude involves taking action in a professional manner. A person with a positive attitude faces challenges with confidence and optimism. And, people with positive attitudes can motivate others, and acknowledge that “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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