Problem Solving Skills Training

What are Problem Solving skills?

Problem solving skills are structured procedures used to logically approach the decision-making process. These procedures allow a person to maximize the use of objective information and minimize emotional bias.

Applying Basic Problem Solving Skills at Work

This example is from a scenario in the "Defining the Problem" section of the Basic Problem Solving Skills Training course from the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. Students experience how incorrectly defining a problem results in wasted time and effort and can complicate or even increase the problem.


This Basic Problem Solving Skills Training course is one of the ten courses included in the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. These ten, one-hour eLearning courses, and professionally developed competency-based assessment, teach and verify mastery of ten crucial soft skills that are critical to workplace success.

In this course, students learn that correctly identifying the problem is the first step in a complete system of a rational decision making process that can be used to investigate and find solutions for problems at work.

Subject Areas Covered Include:

  • Defining the Problem
  • Rational Decision Making

Administration: Online and Self-Paced
Time: Approximately 45 Minutes
Cost: $19.95/Student


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The Basic Problem Solving Skills course teaches the well-defined steps of the rational decision making process. These include identifying and defining the problem, brainstorming solutions, identifying decision criteria, ranking decision criteria, weighing the pros and cons of potential solutions, implementing solutions and tracking results. Basic problem solving skills are introduced as a process that can be applied in any workplace situation.

Emotional decisions are discussed in the Problem Solving course, and proven to be ineffective. We recommend that learners experience the Basic Critical Thinking Course before the Problem Solving Course to help them understand the need for factual support, rather than simply intuition when making decisions and solving problems.

This Problem Solving course teaches step-by-step techniques that will aid even the newest employee in making rational and wise decisions that will earn them the respect of their colleagues and supervisors.

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