Initiative Skills Training

What are Initiative Skills?

Initiative Skills are techniques individuals use to observe and analyze the processes around them, to think proactively, to take needed actions, and to add value to an organization.

Demonstrating Initiative Skills at Work

This example is from a scenario in the "Thinking Proactively" section of the Demonstrating Initiative Skills Training course from the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. Students experience how thinking ahead and taking action can improve their professional reputation.


This Demonstrating Initiative Skills Training course is one of the ten courses included in the Wonderlic Soft Skills Training Program. These ten, one-hour eLearning courses, and professionally developed competency-based assessment, teach and verify mastery of ten crucial soft skills that are critical to workplace success.

In this course, students learn how to be aware of their surroundings and look for opportunities to add value by suggesting improvements or helping to avoid problems.

Subject Areas Covered Include:

  • Defining Initiative
  • Thinking Proactively
  • Adding Value

Administration: Online and Self-Paced
Time: Approximately 50 Minutes
Cost: $19.95/Student


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Demonstrating Initiative Skills are soft skills that every student needs to learn. Employers are seeking employees who look for opportunities to take the initiative to improve or make suggestions about the workplace. Employees should always be thinking ahead about ways to avoid potential problems or complications. Initiative means taking action when a job needs to be done.

It’s important to tie value to employee initiative efforts. Employees who take initiative without considering its value to the company may be doing more than just wasting their own and the company’s time, they may be attempting to implement the wrong solutions.

Learning a process and guidelines for taking intuitive can save companies from costly errors, while encouraging employees to take the right initiative.  Teaching employees to spend time observing processes, think ahead when involved in projects and checking their assumptions with supervisors are valuable lessons for any employee.

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