VGM Education Client Story

Hiring the wrong person is more costly to the company than we can measure,” she says. “Wonderlic has allowed us to really pinpoint the person who is our best fit.

VGM Education is the educational arm of VGM Group, Inc., the nation’s largest buying group for independent home medical equipment (HME) providers. VGM Education provides continuing education for healthcare professionals through online learning, webinars, regional roadshows, and its annual event, the Heartland Conference. Covering current topics such as Ebola, Medicare billing, rehabilitation issues, and HIPAA, VGM Education offers over 300 online courses relating to services provided by the HME industry.

To support its core values of Trust and Respect, Positivity, Innovation, and Open Communication, VGM Group partners with vendors and industry experts to offer VGM Member discounts, as well as training on the latest products, technology and services available in the healthcare industry. One of the vendors it collaborates with is Wonderlic, which provides pre-employment assessments to its members.

Sara Laures, the Vice President of VGM Education, tells us that its customers had challenges around hiring, retention, and interviewing, and she knew they could find a resource to help address those areas. However, prior to introducing Wonderlic to its members, VGM Education decided to evaluate Wonderlic’s solutions based on its own use.

“It saved us so much time we decided to keep using it. I was sold!” states Sara, who implemented Wonderlic into the company’s hiring process in 2011. With all candidates taking the Wonderlic Prescreen Questionnaire, the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-Q and WPT-R), and either the Personal Characteristics Inventory® (PCI) or the Comprehensive Personality Profile® (CPP®), Sara says that the assessments “help me identify if a person has the ability and personality that is appropriate for the position.”

VGM Education receives dozens to several hundred applications for each open position, and Sara looks back on their previous hiring process saying “it’s a lot of pressure on one person.” Having to go through all of the applications without really knowing if an individual’s resume was an accurate reflection of their personality, working style, and how they’d interact with the VGM teams meant a lot of time was spent with the wrong candidates – and a lot of money was wasted on the wrong people.

“Hiring the wrong person is more costly to the company than we can measure,” she says. “Wonderlic has allowed us to really pinpoint the person who is our best fit.”

Through Wonderlic Online, Sara is able to sort and filter candidates and focus on the areas that are the most meaningful for each position. “The reports are very true about the hires – after they’re on board and we get to know them, we can see that the scoring is true to how they are.”

Sara is extremely happy with the results of using Wonderlic. “It’s been a real success for us and our clients. I recommend Wonderlic to all of our members; it works really well.”