Tampa Bay Animal & Bird Hospital Client Story

About seven years ago I was experiencing 70% turnover. Now we are down to less than 30% turnover...


For fifty years, Tampa Bay Animal & Bird Hospital has been proudly serving pets and their owners in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. With four locations, including Cat Doctors in South Tampa, the hospital is one of the most highly regarded and recognized veterinary care centers in Tampa. Beyond wellness care, emergency care and surgery, the hospital also offers, among many other services, training, grooming, boarding and daycare.

Wonderlic Assessments Help Hire the Right Employees

Cassy Timken, CVPM, CCRA has been the practice administrator for the Tampa Bay Animal & Bird Hospital since 1995. She began using the Wonderlic Prescreening Questionnaire, Wonderlic Personnel Test-Revised, Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory and the Structured Behavioral Interview in 2007 and has seen a major reduction in company turnover ever since.

“About seven years ago I was experiencing 70% turnover. Now we are down to less than 30% turnover,” says Timken. This has saved Cassy vast amounts of time and money training and processing new hires. The tests have helped her determine what a candidate’s propensity for work is and how stable of an employee they will be, two very important characteristics of staff members at the hospital.

Based on the reduction in turnover the hospital has experienced, Cassy is a firm believer in the assessments predictability and accuracy. “When we cheat and ignore what the tests say, we end up having issues,” shares Cassy. “We make up excuses because we like them – maybe they don’t test well, maybe something happened – but we’ve learned that we should rely more on the test results and less on what our instincts are telling us.”

Beyond serving as reinforcement for choosing the right candidate, Timken appreciates the speed of the results and how easy the assessments are to access and administer.

The ability to customize and tailor the tests to the particular needs of the hospital is also a favorite feature for Timken. “It’s straightforward,” says Timken. “Being able to have a process that is specific and unique to the field is very important.”