Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Client Story

When we implemented the Wonderlic tests we saw a dramatic improvement in our hiring process.


Since 1930, Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been putting the customer first with the most caring, knowledgeable, well-equipped employees in the business. The company’s goal to exceed everyone in the industry is why its reputation for quality service and workmanship keeps growing year after year. Today, more than ever, Standard Heating is tried and true, solid and dependable. More than 350,000 customers have chosen Standard Heating over the years, making it an industry leader.

Wonderlic Ensures Customer Service Excellence

Because Standard Heating and Air understands that a person’s skills and attitude cannot be judged in an interview alone, they have relied on Wonderlic as part of the hiring process for more than 15 years. “When we implemented the Wonderlic tests we saw a dramatic improvement in our hiring process,” says Todd Ferrara, Vice President. “Wonderlic testing is an exceptional step in hiring. It identifies people’s general aptitude and their willingness to work.”

Ferrara uses the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) to measure cognitive ability, and the Wonderlic Productivity Index to define how a person will perform on the job according to key behavioral characteristics. Ferrara feels that the time a candidate devotes to testing and interviewing demonstrates their commitment and desire to join his organization. “My time is valuable, and if people want to work for this company they have to put in the time and apply themselves to show us they have what it takes,” he says.

He gives the tests to every candidate he considers hiring and uses test scores to confirm that someone is or isn’t right for the job. “It’s a great first screen that indicates whether a candidate is a good fit,” Ferrara explains, “and it’s an incredibly fair, objective, and legal way to appropriately select people with the skills to fit our job requirements.”

“We rely on the Wonderlic Personnel Test as a screening tool, especially as we are seeing more and more people applying for jobs,” Ferrara says.

“And, if you are hiring an apprentice or entry-level person, the Wonderlic Productivity Index is a great measure, because attitude, willingness, and ability to understand the value of customer service are huge indicators of their ability to be successful.”

The up-front effort Ferrara invests in selecting the best candidates has paid off. The company has seen more then seven decades of success. It’s currently in another rapid growth mode and it has one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry. Last year only three out of 66 employees left the company.

“The Wonderlic tests enlighten us in a way that no other tools can,” he says. “They are more valuable to us now than ever before.”