Scott Chevrolet Client Story

The way candidates react to the test itself is an indicator of future behavior.


Scott Chevrolet is one of the largest auto dealerships in the Emmaus, Pennsylvania, area with 130 employees. The dealership is located on the busy Lehigh Street Auto Mile in the company of a dozen or more competing dealerships.

Fierce Competition Necessitates Employee Excellence

As one of the largest dealerships in the area, Scott Chevrolet has been using the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) in all hiring decisions for more than six years, according to Human Resources Manager Mary Ellen Solomon. The test accurately measures a candidate’s ability to learn a specific job, solve problems, understand instructions, and apply knowledge to new situations.

Excellent customer service is critical for a dealership to be successful in an environment where customers can literally walk next door to a handful of competitors. “The Wonderlic Personnel Test tells me many things about job applicants,” she says. “Can they take direction? Will they listen and learn? Are they intelligent enough to handle the job?” Those are critical skills for Scott’s employees, says Solomon, who administers the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) to all applicants, roughly 100 per year.

In addition to the information she learns from the test scores, Solomon has discovered an unexpected side benefit to using the Wonderlic assessment. “The way candidates react to the test itself is an indicator of future behavior,” she says. “It tells me something about how they’re going to behave on the job.”

Instead of relying on one minimum score, Solomon bases her ideal test scores on specific job descriptions. “Hiring is complicated because all of our people, including salespeople, mechanics, and office staff, need different skills-sets,” she says. The knowledge gleaned from the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) is vital in the busy, ultra-competitive environment of the Lehigh Street Auto Mile.