Savannah Luggage Works Client Story

Wonderlic tests are an accurate measure of how a person will perform.


Savannah Luggage Works is a USA manufacturer of custom, cut-and-sewn finished products, as well as components and assemblies for many OEM, military, and industrial applications including travel, footwear, flooring, sports and military. The Vidalia, Georgia-based company employs 450 people and features 150,000 square feet of fabricating facilities, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM cutting, sewing, and fabricating equipment.

Hiring Test Identifies Highly Analytical Employees

For more than eight years David Rice, Vice President of Operation for Savannah Luggage Works, has relied on a series of Wonderlic tests to help him hire the best people for his manufacturing environment. “Wonderlic tests tell you a great deal about people that you wouldn’t otherwise know,” he says.

Rice has very specific expectations of the intelligence and personality of his manufacturing team and he puts them through rigorous testing before making hiring decisions. Candidates take the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) to measure ability to learn a specific job, solve problems, understand instructions, and apply knowledge to situations. The Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile describes a candidate’s character in terms of job-related strengths and weaknesses such as emotional intensity, intuition, sensitivity, assertiveness, and recognition motivation.

Rice asks in an interview, questions that explore an individual’s scores. He’s hired some people who scored low in various categories, and he uses that knowledge to shape the way he works with them.

Rice prefers people with high analytical skills. “As a manufacturer, we encounter a number of problems that need to be solved every day. You need strong analytical skills for that,” Rice says. The Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile has helped him identify those problem solvers and create a team of highly analytical thinkers.

While Rice has never measured the impact testing has had on turnover, he believes the Wonderlic tests have a significant impact on his ability to hire the right people. “Wonderlic tests are an accurate measure of how a person will perform,” he says. “If you aren’t using psychological testing for hiring, you don’t know who you are going to get.”