Ryan Lawn & Tree Client Story

Wonderlic assessments have saved us energy and time in our hiring process, making it easy to hire quality talent more quickly.

Ryan Lawn & Tree

Ryan Lawn & Tree is always working to find and keep quality employees. In recent years, the company had found that open positions were taking far too long to fill. In addition, high turnover was making it difficult to provide customers with a consistent level of quality service. Despite using a pre-hire assessment in its hiring process, it had become clear that the company too often struggled to find and retain employees who were the right fit for the job. Then one day while traveling, Larry Ryan, the company’s President, took note of an exceptionally courteous and efficient hotel staff waiting on him. Wanting to emulate this level of service in his own business, Larry asked the hotel manager whether there was anything unique about its hiring process. He learned that the major difference was the use of Wonderlic pre-employment assessments. After experiencing first-hand the difference that Wonderlic assessments can make, Larry decided to try them at Ryan Lawn & Tree.

To meet the company’s needs head-on, Wonderlic recommended a full solution for Ryan Lawn & Tree, including assessments for cognitive ability (Wonderlic Personnel Test), motivation (Motivation Potential Assessment) and personality (Personal Characteristics Inventory®). This comprehensive combination of assessments would provide the richer, more in-depth results that Ryan Lawn & Tree was looking for, making it easier to fill its jobs with quality talent. Russ Merwin, Director of Training at Ryan Lawn & Tree, was particularly swayed by the reporting. “We love the breadth of the product offering,” stated Russ. “The detailed and extensive level of reporting is very useful.” Russ also appreciated that Wonderlic’s hiring experts recommend the appropriate combination of assessments, and custom scoring profiles for each position.

Wonderlic has made a real difference at Ryan Lawn & Tree – decreasing the time and energy needed to make great hires. By putting the right people in the right jobs, Ryan Lawn & Tree has enjoyed many benefits, including a reduction in turnover, a safer workplace and more satisfied customers. “The test results I receive are extremely helpful, whether I am hiring for a Turf Route Manager, Arborist or Customer Service Representative. I can get a much clearer picture of how a person will probably perform on the job. We have hired a few people who fell outside of the recommended ranges, and they tend to make more mistakes. For example, one individual hired outside the recommended ranges was not being careful and accidentally hit a utility line. Those we have hired in the recommended ranges on the Wonderlic tests are still here and are performing strongly!”