Rochester Adult Center for Education (RACE) Client Story

Thanks to GAIN we keep them longer, keep them happy, and everyone gets better results.

Racing to the Future

Due to changes in the federal budget, financial aid is no longer available for students without a high school diploma or GED. This means programs like the Rochester Adult Center for Education (RACE) are now more valuable than ever.

The program, a division of Rochester Community Schools, enrolls 125-150 students per year and offers a high school completion program for alternative education and adults, a GED program and an ESL program. RACE also offers GED instruction, certificate programs, computer and vocational training, academic counseling, a career center with job placement assistance, and academic counseling. All of these services are provided for free.

RACE uses the Wonderlic General Assessment of Instructional Needs (GAIN®) basic skills test to quickly place students in the appropriate level classes. The GAIN report provides detailed diagnostics about specific gaps in each student’s English and math skills.

“Before GAIN, all we got from the reports was grade level. Now we know exactly where our students’ deficiencies are, and our teachers can be proactive in addressing them,” says Bert Quinn, Adult Education Supervisor.

The report also helps the teachers better determine what course material and teaching methods will be most effective for each student, ensuring that they remain engaged and learning. This has helped increase retention rates, reduce dropouts and has saved the school money.

“We are keeping dollars because we can prove the students are staying in class and improving,” shares Quinn.

By switching to GAIN, Quinn hopes that RACE will be able to better service their students since they now understand what they need. Students can more quickly and efficiently achieve their end goal of obtaining their GED or high school credit, enabling them to enter college or the workforce to pursue their career goals.

“While the cost savings is great,” Quinn says, “it’s not our main concern. We’re more focused on finding out how to better service our students. Thanks to GAIN we keep them longer, keep them happy, and everyone gets better results.”