Parts Depot, Inc. Client Story

We consider Wonderlic an important part of the company.


Parts Depot, Inc. is a leading aftermarket supplier of automotive parts and accessories to the commercial and retail trade. The company has 800 employees in 50 locations in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia and occupies spaces of 4,000 square feet in freestanding locations. The company is headquartered in Roanoke, Virginia.

Automotive Warehouse Gets Quick Results with Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery

The Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery shows Parts Depot whether a candidate can read, write, and identify names and numbers through a series of four-minute comprehension assessments. The entire series takes less than 15 minutes to complete and gives recruiters immediate information about applicant abilities.

When someone applies for a driver position with the warehouse, they complete the series of tests as part of the application process, which, in addition to the Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery, includes a drug test and DMV search. Mary Olson, Human Resource Manager, uses candidates’ test results to shape the rest of the interview.

“The Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery is a guide for us,” Olson says. “They help us be sure candidates can read and write, which is critical in the warehouse.”

Since implementing the tests, turnover at Parts Depot is down and Olson feels the detailed screening process helps her make better decisions and impacts customer service. “These are reliable tests that help us to hire the right people,” she says. “We consider Wonderlic an important part of the company.”

Additionally, Parts Depot decided to add a Wonderlic tool to their management selection process by using the Wonderlic Personnel Test. When they selected the Wonderlic Personnel Test, Wonderlic consultants helped Olson determine a score range that candidates should achieve to prove they are suitable for management positions. Like the Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery, a Wonderlic Personnel Test score doesn’t eliminate candidates but it helps Olson identify potential problem areas that can be addressed in the interview phases.