The Open Door of Delta Client Story

We’ve had 100% of our students who were tested with GAIN pass their GED.

Paula Jean Savage (“PJ”) has been a teacher and a farmer most of her life. In at least one regard, those professions are similar: providing the elements needed for growth.

“Yes, I am definitely an active farm wife,” says Savage, who teaches GED prep at The Open Door of Delta, Inc., a non-profit organization that assists people through mentoring, education, financial literacy and housing to achieve self-sufficiency. “But my first love is education; I taught for over 30 years before I retired in 2011.”

After she retired, PJ joined the board of Open Door. During a board meeting one night, she and her fellow board members were puzzling over the issue of helping people with more than just food and money, which was a short-term solution. The realization was made: education was the key.

That realization prompted the creation of The Bridge Center, a subsection of Open Door, to provide GED prep, financial literacy, and job-seeking skills to adults. PJ returned to teaching as a volunteer.

“We started by using a commonly used GED prep test, but we were not really happy with it. The GED was going digital, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to switch to a computer-based test. GAIN was our first choice.”

How did it work out?

“We’ve been extremely pleased with it. In fact, we’ve had 100% of our students who were tested with GAIN pass their GED.”

It’s not just Savage praising GAIN, but her students do as well. “I love the report because it gives the students a good idea of what they need to study. I give them a copy of the report, and they LOVE having it! They take it home to show their family.”

One student in particular is grateful for the progress she’s made with the help of GAIN. Darlene Brown shared her thoughts in a note to Savage: “I think the test is easy to understand and to take, even if you don’t know a lot about computers. It helps to get you going and tells you what you need to work on to get you started and on your way to get your GED.”

Driven by the desire to prepare her students as best she can for the workforce, Savage recognizes that Wonderlic has other tests and assessments that could be just as useful as GAIN.

“We’ve noticed that employers are finding that our people are not always ready to be employees, so we’re looking at trying to put together a job club. We want to include the Wonderlic Work Readiness Assessment to help identify gaps in work readiness and skills testing to evaluate math, English and office software proficiency. Another assessment we’re looking at is the Wonderlic Productivity Index – Behavioral Questionnaire. It seems to address a lot of the issues that our employers want to address: theft, violence, illegal drug use, things like that.”

“But whatever we do, we know we’re going to include GAIN with it.”