Nelson Lauver & Co. Client Story

The test clears up any doubt about who we’re hiring. Finding great, qualified employees that will have a long-term relationship with us is priceless.

Nelson Lauver & Co. – Setting the World on Fire

Entrepreneur Nelson Lauver has been growing his diversified empire, Nelson Lauver & Co., for the past 33 years. Lauver is an acclaimed broadcaster, speaker, award-winning narrator, author, and advocate for literacy and disabilities awareness. Lauver travels the country speaking on various motivational topics including, “When You Get Knocked Down,” “An Evening with The American Storyteller,” “Don’t Give Up on That Kid,” and “What’s Your Beef?”

With only seven employees, Nelson Lauver & Co. might be small, but the importance of what the company does is monumental. For this reason, it is imperative that the sales and administrative team is able to generate leads, book speaking engagements, and most importantly, learn quickly.

Since Nelson Lauver, CEO, began using the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) in his hiring process, he has seen a significant increase in sales and lead generation. Prior to using the Wonderlic assessments, Lauver was overwhelmed with his hiring methods and needed a change.

“Our typical hiring process before using Wonderlic testing was to place an ad, sift through hundreds of resumes, schedule interviews, and then hire based off our gut,” Lauver says.

However, this method was proving to be unsuccessful for Lauver and his team.

“People would do great in their interviews so we’d hire them,” he explains. “The problem was they couldn’t learn the job. We were mistaken about their abilities and talents.”

Frustrated, Lauver remembered a consultant he had worked with in the past who had used Wonderlic assessments for all of his hiring needs. Without even considering any competitors, Lauver ordered 50 paper versions of the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R).

By adding Wonderlic assessments into their hiring program, Lauver cut down the amount of interviewees from more than 100 to less than 20. The results were “amazing.”

“There was one candidate who we had high hopes for. He interviewed well and had a tremendous educational background, but he did very poorly on the test,” Lauver recalls. “Another person, based on her resume, was not our first choice, but she got a very high score. We decided to ignore our gut and trust the test.”

This decision worked well. The employee turned out to be everything Lauver was looking for in a new hire, and more.

“She is setting the world on fire!” he enthuses. “She has made great innovations in the position and productivity is through the roof. Everyone else is now revolving around the leads she is generating.”

Lauver expects the impact she has had on the team will translate into a significant jump in leads generation and sales for the year.

“We anticipate a 300-500% increase based on our typical lead generation conversion rate because she is building relationships with these leads that weren’t there before.”

As sales continue to grow and speaking engagements are booked at such a rapid pace, Lauver plans on continuing to use the WPT-R for all of his future hiring needs.

“The test clears up any doubt about who we’re hiring. Finding great, qualified employees that will have a long-term relationship with us is priceless.”