Lithia Motors, Inc. Client Story

...It’s so much easier when the online testing system does it all for you.


Lithia Motors, Inc. is a Fortune 1,000 and Russell 2,000 company that sells 24 brands of new vehicles and operates 85 stores and 152 franchises in 12 states in the western United States and over the Internet through “’s Car & Truck Store.” Lithia also sells used vehicles; arranges finance, warranty, and credit insurance contracts; and provides vehicle parts, maintenance, and repair services at all of its locations.

Online Testing Helps Lithia Manage Growth

Since going public in 1996, Lithia Motors has gone through tremendous growth. The Oregon-based automotive retailer went from five to 85 dealerships across 12 western states. Steady expansion means Lithia’s 55 recruiters are constantly busy, managing the more than 2000 applications every month, says Emily Malone, Accelerated Management Program Coordinator.

Lithia uses the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) for every applicant. It’s a part of a successful recruiting strategy Lithia has relied on for years. “The Wonderlic Personnel Test helps us hire better quality applicants and weed out those who won’t provide value,” Malone says. “It’s a valuable tool.”

When Lithia switched from paper to electronic versions of the test, it eased the logistic dilemma of conducting the test. Now, all Lithia applicants take the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) online at a dedicated testing computer in each of Lithia’s recruiting sites. The online tests automatically control test time with an on-screen countdown clock, eliminating the need for individual timers. “Applicants can see how much time they have left and the computer cuts them off when their 12 minutes runs out,” Malone says. “That alone is a huge help, and it makes the testing process more consistent.”

Because the test is automatically scored and results are emailed to the recruiter in a matter of minutes, it saves our recruiters a lot of busy work, Malone says. Also, if applicants are interested in positions at another dealership, recruiters can easily forward their test scores to the appropriate recruiters. “We are definitely happy with the web-based version of the Wonderlic Personnel Test,” says Malone. “It’s so much easier when the online testing system does it all for you.”