Lehman’s Client Story

The Wonderlic test scores show us who falls in line with other people in the same positions.


Founded by Jay Lehman in 1995 to serve the Amish community, Lehman’s carries thousands of non-electric products, including hand-powered kitchen appliances, water pumps, gas refrigerators, a huge selection of wood and cook stoves, and hundreds of other hard-to-find items. Lehman’s has nearly 100 employees who oversee the company’s two retail operations in northeastern Ohio, as well as its catalog and website sales.

Amish Retailer Makes Testing a Tradition

While Lehman’s sells old-fashioned merchandise to Amish communities and prides itself on having small town values, the company takes a cutting edge approach to screening job candidates. Lehman’s HR Manager, Nancy Menotti, has come to rely on the Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery and the Wonderlic Personnel Test as part of her evaluation strategy. The test scores help her get a feel for candidates’ skills and attitudes about work. “These tests are definitely valuable to our hiring process,” she says.

Prescreened, qualified applicants are given a series of tests. Beginning with the Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery which test candidates’ analytical and critical thinking skills, Menotti follows that immediately with the Wonderlic Personnel Test, which measures the ability to learn specific jobs, solve problems, and understand instructions.

Menotti uses test results as a benchmarking system for her records. “The Wonderlic test scores show us who falls in line with other people in the same positions,” she says. “That’s a pretty good way to measure candidates.”

In the rural Ohio communities where Lehman’s stores are based, many job applicants are Amish and Mennonite, which can affect the way they answer some of the questions. Menotti is willing to consider the reason a person got a low score and whether it’s a reflection of abilities or circumstances.

She has minimum low scores in mind for the Wonderlic Hay Aptitude Test Battery and Wonderlic Personnel Test that she tends to adhere to, but test scores are not used as a final judgment. Instead they are a guide to shaping the rest of her evaluation. “We don’t see the test scores as black and white, but as another variable to our hiring process,” Menotti explains.