Kramer Beverage Company Client Story

The Wonderlic Productivity Index tells me what their work habits are going to be... something you really can’t tell in an interview.


Kramer Beverage Company is a premier beer distributor located in Hammonton, New Jersey.

Benjamin Kramer began Kramer Beverage Company in 1924 in Atlantic City as a soft drink bottler and distributor. After the repeal of Prohibition in 1933, Kramer added beer to the product line, becoming the local distributor for Ballantine and Piels, both leading products at the time.

Today, Kramer’s portfolio includes many of New Jersey’s hottest selling beers including: Coors Light, Original Coors, Coors Extra Gold, Killians, Keystone, Zima, Blue Moon, Pilsner Urquell, Beck’s, Guinness Stout, Harp Lager, Corona, Moosehead, Samuel Adams, Pete’s Wicked Ale, and Yuengling.

Family Distribution Business Maintains Integrity with Great Employees

When hiring someone to join a multi-generation family-run company, every new staff person takes on the responsibility of upholding the family’s legacy. Hiring the correct people falls to Cindy Purdy, Human Resources and Office Manager at Kramer Beverage Company.

Each employee becomes a symbol of the Kramer family name, in addition to being responsible for their job. Purdy uses the Wonderlic Productivity Index and the Wonderlic Personnel Test to help with their all-important hiring decisions. Business swells in the summer months, explains Purdy. The company hires an additional 40 people—going from 125 employees year round to 165 in the summer—additional positions that help out during that busy time include drivers, warehouse workers, and office workers.

“The tests tell me whether someone has the intelligence to do a job,” she says. The tests also determine basic math skills and gauges reasoning levels. Something that is crucial in delivery drivers.

In the time that she has used Wonderlic’s products in hiring, Purdy has found the tests to be an invaluable tool in determining which candidate will actually perform well on the job. “The Wonderlic Productivity Index tells me what their work habits are going to be—and that’s important because it’s something you really can’t tell in an interview,” she says.