Info 2 Extreme Client Story

We are now hiring 'A-players' who are in line with our expectations.

Wonscore Helps Info 2 Extreme Find Top Quality Talent


Based in Los Angeles, Info 2 Extreme, Inc. has practice areas in IT Managed Services and Computer Network Support, Cyber Security and Website Design. When Arnie Boyarsky, CEO of Info 2 Extreme, started the business 20 years ago, he recruited through local colleges and on Craigslist. As the company grew, Arnie realized that he would need to refine his approach if he was to hire the caliber of candidate his business required. “The cost of hiring a bad employee far exceeds the cost of hiring no one,” says Arnie. Arnie was already using a well-known, comprehensive top-down grading system that provided deep insights about a candidate’s experience and career history. However, in order to bring more “A-list players” onto his team, Arnie needed something that would predict future performance. When he explained his conundrum to a colleague, Arnie was referred to Wonderlic.


Wonderlic’s hiring experts were eager to help Arnie solve his need to identify “A-list players.” With this high standard in mind, the Wonderlic team recommended the Wonscore pre-employment testing platform because of its comprehensive focus on cognitive, personality and motivational attributes. This three-assessment approach would provide an in-depth profile of each candidate, while the single score summary would allow for easy comparison across candidates. Moreover, Wonscore easily fit into Arnie’s existing hiring process, which already included an evaluation of each candidate’s career history, several interviews, a social media check, a reference check and a background/security check. Wonderlic and Arnie felt that Wonscore could help complete an already strong hiring process. Arnie especially appreciated the cognitive ability assessment. “I believe 100% that cognitive ability is a key predictor of job success,” says Arnie.


Arnie has realized some amazing benefits from using Wonscore in his hiring process.The company’s internally-measured customer service satisfaction score jumped from 82.5% to 98% in a single quarter. Even more exciting, new hire onboarding time has been reduced by two thirds – from 90 to about 30 days! And with better talent on staff, Arnie found that his resolution time for open service tickets decreased dramatically. Customers are happier because their service issues are being resolved the right way the first time. If that weren’t enough, Wonscore has helped Arnie hire quality employees who fit in with the culture at Info 2 Extreme. “When we hire somebody now, they already feel like part of the team, like they belong here,” Arnie says. Wonderlic assessments also give Arnie the confidence to hire people who are the best fit for the job, even if they don’t have much experience in the field. “I am fully confident in our hiring process now, and I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Wonderlic was the missing piece.”

“Hiring the right person can help take any company to new heights. Wonderlic assessments help find that right person.” – Arnie Boyarsky, CEO of Info 2 Extreme