Happy Days/Freedom High School Client Story

To go from 8 weeks to 15 minutes is mindboggling! I cannot stress enough the accuracy and the return time. Our parents are happier, and that is always good.

Client Spotlight: Happy Days/Freedom High School

Happy Days/Freedom High School in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, is a Pre-K-through- 11th-grade international school with nearly 1000 middle-class students. It looks like any other school from the outside. But spend some time with their teachers, students and parents, and you begin to discover that their philosophy of “every student is impor­tant” permeates everything they do.

Turning Two Months Into 15 Minutes

With 70% of the curriculum taught in English, a second language for 99% of their students, the school provides a very challenging environment for all who attend. The focus on skill building, critical thinking, reading comprehension and problem solving helps them become “citizens of the world,” with nearly 100% of their students entering college.

The school Principal, Luis Chavez, has been instrumental in guiding the school towards this goal of developing world citizens. With a Masters in Educational Leadership from Framingham State University, Mr. Chavez has a keen understanding of what it takes for young adults to succeed.

One of the steps Mr. Chavez initiated in 1994 to guide each student towards a rewarding career was testing IQ and personality. “We believe personality dic­tates our strengths and areas for improvement,” he says. “It’s necessary that the students major in something that is an area of strength, that they love, and that they’re skilled at.”

The former testing process, done by local Psychologists, took several hours. The tests were administered by paper and pencil, students had to remain in their seats for the duration, and results were not available until several months afterwards.

Wanting to cut down on testing time and get results more quickly, Mr. Chavez began researching other means of obtaining the critical information. After reading an article on how Wonderlic tests NFL-hopefuls during the Combine, he contacted the company and was put in touch with Jeri Prochaska, Regional Director for Wonderlic.

During a trip to the school in the fall of 2010, Jeri demonstrated how the Wonderlic Personnel Test – Revised and the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory quickly and easily assess a student’s cognitive ability and personality, with results in mere minutes.

The two assessments were quickly implemented, with immediate positive feedback from students, parents and teachers.

“The Wonderlic personality test outlined my personality traits, which helped steer me towards a decision on which career I wanted to pursue,” says Reini Caceres, a graduate of Freedom High and now a freshman at Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras. “Now I know that chemical engineering is the right choice for me, and I didn’t have to wait months to find out.”

Mr. Chavez is very enthusiastic about the new testing process. “To go from 8 weeks to 15 minutes is mindboggling!” he says. “I cannot stress enough the accuracy and the return time. Our parents are happier, and that is always good.”