Good Tidings Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Client Story

The sky is the limit and without Wonderlic none of this could have happened.

Culture: Positively Everything

How much is your company culture worth to you? For David McKenna, President of Good Tidings Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, it is worth everything.

In 2008, McKenna made the disheartening discovery that several of his trusted employees were lying, stealing, and undermining him. As a result, he cut ties with four of his top salesmen in a period of four months. This drastic measure resulted in a loss of $2 million – and for a company with $3 million in total sales, this loss was significant.
“I had to immediately stop drawing a salary and dip into my personal savings just to keep the lights on,” says McKenna. “It was a very trying time, but it needed to be done.”

Why take such a big risk? Because McKenna believes that having honest employees with good morals, a high amount of willingness, and strong ethics can mean greater success. Luckily, he was right, and he found Wonderlic to help him get there.

“I was focused on getting rid of the negativity throughout the company, “explains McKenna. “Identifying positive people who are honest, have good intentions, and have the best interest of the company at heart is difficult because you don’t know what you have until you have it. Wonderlic is the tool that I use to find these people. It’s the spear point. The process is irreplaceable.”

As a Nexstar member, McKenna uses a battery of Wonderlic assessments to test candidates including the Wonderlic Prescreening Questionnaire, Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest, Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R), Wonderlic Productivity Index, Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory and Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile. By using these assessments, McKenna was able to get his company back on track and is now doing better than ever.

“I was able to build up a new section of the company, increase sales by 60%, buy six new trucks, hire three more managers, and we have now exceeded $4 million in sales,” states McKenna. “It all came together and the story ended very, very happily.”

Now, turnover is virtually non-existent at Good Tidings Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. His current employees are loyal, honest, and hardworking, and the team continues to grow. McKenna is constantly searching for “superstars” using the Wonderlic tests and is excited about being able to hire more of them in the future.

“When I was going through something very challenging in my life, I was able to reach out to Wonderlic to help me transform my business into something that is extraordinary and build a culture that is exceptional. The sky is the limit and without Wonderlic none of this could have happened,” states McKenna.

“It’s such an important first move towards success. Wonderlic is indispensable.”