Future Focus Client Story

...my personal opinion is that Wonderlic offers the most in-depth solutions.

Client Spotlight: Future Focus

Future Focus is a collaborative search and recruitment firm operating with the deeply held conviction that growth and quality are driven by the cultural fabric of an organization. Serving companies of all sizes, Future Focus staff holds CPA, MBA, and PhD degrees with affiliations and accreditations in the related fields of expertise in the industry. Senior management team collectively has over 50 years of experience in the industry and over 80 years of business experience.

Rigorous Placement Agency Requires Thorough Testing Process

Hiring the wrong candidate can be costly, but Wonderlic product offerings are helping placement firm, Future Focus, to ensure identification and referral of top level candidates to every organization they support.

Future Focus LLC offers clients a comprehensive discovery process to uncover requirements that each position demands: skill sets, compensation, geographic area, management fit, cultural fit, aligned intelligence, personality assessments, and more. Specializing in high profile IT, Financial Industry, Human Resources, and Field Service Engineer positions, the firm places director level strategic and tactical decision makers in positions at small to mid-size, local companies as well as international Fortune 500s.

Their unique screening process includes questionnaires, intelligence testing, and personal characteristics inventory profiles. The Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R), Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory, Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile, and Entrepreneurial Quotient help candidates and hiring organizations enter into the interview process with confidence.

“A successful placement always comes down to mitigating the risks for the hiring organization and the candidate. And assessment-based screening provides an objective viewpoint that adds credence for both the client and candidate,” explains Joe Koval, CEO of Future Focus. “The more information you can uncover during the process, the better the predictability. I’ve used other types of assessments, but my personal opinion is that Wonderlic offers the most in-depth solutions.”

Wonderlic’s online enabled solutions also help Future Focus to maximize valuable time. With automated pre-screening questions and instantaneous assessment results, associates are able to quickly zero in on the potential candidates.