Extendicare Health Services Client Story

We can identify an aptitude for skill development and opportunity for growth.

Client Spotlight: Extendicare

Extendicare, one of North America’s largest long-term care providers, has 146 facilities in the US and 80 throughout Canada. With over 18,000 US employees, all screened and hired locally, you can imagine the difficulty faced by managers when it came to ensuring they were hiring the best possible employees.

Wonderlic Assessments Contribute to Successful Hiring

Extendicare has seen a significant drop in turnover for several key positions. Its turnover for Administrator positions was at 41%. Now it sits at 26%. They also saw a huge improvement in the Director of Nursing retention, going from a 63% turnover rate to just 33% today.

Tim finds that, in an industry so focused on caregiving, that the CPP plays a key role in their retention improvements. “Emotional intensity is a key component to success in this field,” he states. “This job can be very difficult, and we need people who can handle the mental and emotional strain it brings.”

However, the benefits of the CPP don’t stop at hiring. Extendicare staff is also using the test results for employee development. “We can see if there is the potential for compatibility between the Director of Nursing and the Administrator,” Tim says. “We can identify an aptitude for skill development and opportunity for growth.”

Tim and his HR team have come to rely on Wonderlic to help them continue to hire and develop excellent employees, without having to worry about their suitability for the job. “By way of analogy, you don’t have to date someone five times to know if it’s going to be a good fit. The battery of Wonderlic pre-employment tests takes care of all of that for us.”