Emprise Bank Client Story

The ease of the process is wonderful. It’s only 8 minutes online and then 12 minutes in the office. This creates a better experience for us and the candidate.

Client Spotlight: Emprise Bank

Bankers spend their lives immersed in numbers – interest rates, mortgage points, account balances, routing numbers – but at Emprise Bank in Kansas, everyday numbers only come after a more unusual set of digits: the scores on Wonderlic pre-employment tests.

Emprise Bank has deep roots in the Wichita area, first opening its doors in 1910 as Stockyards National Bank. The name was changed in 1989, and the bank has since expanded into the surrounding communities, with 40 branches in 25 cities. Keeping the bank staffed with qualified employees is a full time job, which Stacey Kluge, HR Operations Manager, tackles with excitement every day.

“We are very focused on customer service,” says Kluge. “To be able to manage the transaction as well as have strong customer care is a very unique and special skillset, and we want the best people for our customers.”

This drive to hire “the best people” led Kluge to seek out a solution that would improve their success rate – and their efficiency. With an average of 600 job applicants per month for only a dozen open positions, recruiters were spending too much time in their office interviewing unqualified candidates and not enough time out in the field recruiting.

The bank’s recruiters are very active in finding new employees, and regularly attend job fairs, university classes, and work with the local chambers of commerce. This dynamic recruitment elevates the bank’s brand, and brings better applicants to the pool. But without having a way to quickly identify qualified applications, Kluge was finding that Emprise was not able to build its pipeline. In addition, turnover was too high. She estimates the cost of a bad hire to be around $7,000, and that’s an expenditure no business likes to see!

Kluge spoke to a professional colleague who understood her pain. “We needed a way to get a good indication of a person’s suitability for the positions. We had to find a better way to understand their likelihood of job success and tenure.”

Enter Wonderlic. In 2011, Emprise Bank implemented the Wonderlic Personnel Test in the online “pre-test” version, followed by the proctored, on site full version for competitive candidates. Testing candidates “saves us several hours per applicant,” reports Kluge. “Wonderlic has allowed us to more quickly identify stronger candidates earlier in the hiring process.”

By prequalifying candidates, Emprise recruiters now have more time to be out in the community instead of being in the office reviewing applications and interviewing candidates.

Even the candidates appreciate the Wonderlic tests. In speaking with them, Kluge has found that they appreciate how untroublesome the process is. “The ease of the process is wonderful. It’s only 8 minutes online and 12 minutes in the office. This creates a better experience for us and for the candidate.”

Emprise has seen great success since adding Wonderlic to its hiring process. They are now better able to assess their applicants and get the most qualified candidates in their chairs for interviews.

“We are now able to hire people with the skills we need,” says Kluge. “The quality of the hires is better and ultimately, we have better retention.”