DiPasqua Enterprises Client Story

Wonderlic is great, and the customer service is exceptional. I would recommend them to anyone.

Client Spotlight: DiPasqua Enterprises

DiPasqua Enterprises is one of the largest franchisees within the SUBWAY® system worldwide. They presently operate 90 plus locations in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Marion counties in Central Florida with sales in excess of 40 million. They are a company focused on people development, store development, and building financial security for everyone on the team. They maintain some of the highest average unit volumes in the chain and have received national recognition for leadership, innovative store design, and other contributions to the SUBWAY system. They are a family owned and operated business.

Turnover Decreases at DiPasqua Subway Shops

DiPasqua Enterprises has seen dramatic reductions in turnover in several of its Subway restaurants since rolling out a pilot program using the Wonderlic Productivity Index to screen potential sandwich artists.

“Turnover in the pilot stores has dropped 150-200%,” says Kimberly Brooks, Human Resource Manager for DiPasqua. “The tools have already paid for themselves. If we save one person at one store we recoup our investment.”

Sandwich Artist applicants complete two pre-screening tests instead of sending resumes directly to the corporate office. Because applicant tests are automatically scored and only those who pass both sets of questions have their applications forwarded on to Brooks, reviewing time is cut in half.

“In the pilot program, only 48 percent of initial applicants passed,” she says. “That is a big time savings for us because we don’t have to waste time interviewing people who are not qualified for the job.”

After seeing the success of the initial rollout, DiPasqua implemented the Wonderlic hiring process in 14 additional Subway stores, and Brooks anticipates rolling it out to the rest of the DiPasqua locations in the coming year if they continue to see the same reductions in turnover.

“Wonderlic is great, and the customer service is exceptional,” she adds. “I would recommend them to anyone.”