Dead River Company Client Story

Using the Wonderlic Personnel Test along with an interview assures that we’ll get good hires.

Client Spotlight: Dead River Company

Family-owned for 90 years, the Dead River Company is one of the largest distributors of petroleum products to residential and commercial customers in northern New England. The company deals in a variety of petroleum products on both the wholesale and retail levels, including home heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel, propane, and gasoline. Founded by Charles Hutchins in 1907, Dead River Company began in the timber harvesting industry along a remote branch of the Dead River. The company got into the gas business in the early 1930’s, after acquiring franchise rights to a chain of gas stations. From these beginnings, Dead River steadily expanded into the sale of a wide range of petroleum products throughout Maine.

Customer Service Reps Found for High Pressure Position

Customer service representatives at Dead River Company take orders for heating oil, answer customer questions about oil prices, arrange service appointments, and deal with billing questions daily. Because they work with a wide spectrum of petroleum products, employees must be able to find solutions under pressure.

Paul Hoyt, Human Resource Manager, has successfully been using the Wonderlic Personnel Test with job candidates for more than 20 years.

“Over two decades, we’ve validated for ourselves that the people who score well on this test will be successful in these jobs,” Hoyt says. “We’ve seen it for ourselves. Using the Wonderlic Personnel Test along with an interview assures that we’ll get good hires.”

“I need to know that the people we hire are going to be able to interact intelligently with our customers and with other employees,” Hoyt says. “The test substantiates and verifies what we’re finding out in an interview.”

Dead River cross-trains everyone in clerical work, inventory, accounts payable, data input, running reports, analyzing accounts to look for discrepancies, setting up appointments, and dispatching delivery drivers, in addition to taking customer calls on a variety of issues.

“These people really multi-task,” explains Hoyt. “There are lots of skill sets involved. That’s another reason we use the Wonderlic Personnel Test. Our people have to possess the cognitive ability to successfully perform many different types of tasks.”