Custom Information Services Client Story

Engage in your hiring process. Make Wonderlic a part of the process and it will pay off. Since using Wonderlic, our culture has improved and we are on track to double in size over the next year.

Client Spotlight: Custom Information Services

Texas-based Custom Information Services (CIS) has been providing sales and support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and network infrastructure through managed services, business process consulting and custom programming for over 25 years. When CIS reached out to Wonderlic, they were looking to create a more engaged, productive workforce. But the challenge of getting large numbers of new employees up and running fast was causing CIS to focus on quantity over quality when it came to hiring. Not having a standardized hiring process compounded the problem. President Tim Riddle discovered with dismay that a “not my fault” mentality was taking over. It was affecting the business.

Wonderlic Assessments Make Finding the Right Fit Easy

CIS used Wonderlic’s tests for cognitive ability, motivation and personality in conjunction with its own set of pre-screen questions. CIS noticed positive results right away, and began shaping the rest of its hiring process to optimize the use of the Wonderlic assessments. The assessment results have made it quick and easy to focus on the candidates who will best fit the requirements of the job. Now, president Tim Riddle can’t imagine going through the interview process without Wonderlic data. “Wonderlic stacks the odds in my favor,” says Tim.

“Our Success Metric is Our Growth”

After using Wonderlic, Tim feels the right people are in the right jobs – and it shows. Tim states, “The atmosphere at CIS is very different. The energy is high, employees are motivated and there is enthusiasm in the air. People are smiling and having fun.” CIS has gone from 16 employees to 26 in the last year. Tim happily reports that the company has seen a dramatic increase in sales, and is on track to double in size in the next year. Tim credits Wonderlic with helping him achieve this growth.