Corrugated Services LP Client Story

We know the people who pass the tests have the cognitive ability to succeed.

Client Spotlight: Corrugated Services LP

Corrugated Services LP is an independent producer of recycled containerboard in Forney, Texas, with $100 million in revenues and 238 employees. The business is divided into several divisions, which revolves around its core business of manufacturing linerboard, the medium, and coated papers used to make corrugated boxes. The company began in 1974 and has a long track record of success and sustained growth.

Internal Promotion Process Relies on Employment Testing

Corrugated Services has a long-standing system of internal employee promotion. They use the Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT-R) to ensure that all entry-level hires possess the ability to advance. “We know the people who pass the tests have the cognitive ability to succeed,” Richard Warner, Director of Human Resources says. “That’s been proven over the years by our results.”

Warner estimates that over the course of a year he hires approximately 50 new people. Most begin at entry level, but within a year are promoted to positions that require working with the automated computer system. Everyone has the opportunity to advance through the ranks to the top crew position.

Without this Wonderlic assessment, Corrugated could not depend on promoting from within. Each level becomes increasingly more technical, allowing crew members to receive more than 100 hours of training along with months of hands-on experience, which would be difficult and costly to duplicate.

“The Wonderlic test screens out people who are not suited to our company,” Warner says. As a result, training costs have stayed at low levels.