ConMed Linvatec Client Story

We came to Wonderlic for the test but we stayed for the customer service.

Client Spotlight: ConMed Linvatec

ConMed Linvatec is a global leader in the fields of arthroscopy, multi-specialty endoscopic medical video systems, and powered surgical instruments. Headquartered in Largo, Florida, ConMed Linvatec is at the forefront of technology for a growing range of minimally invasive and orthopaedic surgery procedures. The company has 1,000 employees.

Medical Manufacturer Saves $300,000 and Reduces Turnover 19%

In an industry where a 30% turnover rate is the norm, ConMed Linvatec has reduced their rate by 19% using the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory. Although they were hiring people with the right education and experience, turnover remained high, largely because those people did not fit the company’s culture.

“We have a team-based culture where personality is crucial,” says Todd Gladden, Training and Project Manager for Linvatec.

“The Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory was the most versatile and thorough product we found,” Gladden says. “No other test gave us so much detail and information.” The team liked the detailed profile reports that Wonderlic delivered with each set of test scores because the clear explanation showed which jobs a person would most suitable for. Wonderlic sets ideal Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory score ranges in each category for thousands of jobs, which means Linvatec knows exactly what scores are required for each position.

Gladden was further impressed with the customer service and customization Wonderlic provided. Initially they received 20-page reports detailing the candidate’s profile characteristics, but once they got used to reading the summaries, Wonderlic responded by customizing a one-page summary for each set of test scores that highlights the sections of interest to Linvatec recruiters. This allowed them to glean the most important information in the shortest amount of time. “We came to Wonderlic for the test but we stayed for the customer service,” he says.

Gladden uses the scores in the interview process. They have defined sets of questions that address specific low scores in each category. This helps recruiters identify and explore potential problem areas before a person is hired, he says.

Since implementing the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory, turnover at the manufacturing company has dropped annually. That drop saved the company $300,000 in recruiting costs, and Gladden attributes it at least in part to the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory. “We’ve had a lot of success with Wonderlic. I’d recommend them to anyone.”