Cleveland Tubing Client Story

We had more than 750 candidates for these positions and hired the four in just five calendar weeks. How does that rate for speed?

Client Spotlight: Cleveland Tubing, Inc.

Founded in 1989, Cleveland Tubing, Inc. is a manufacturer of specialty drinking straws, molded plastic parts and a number of custom-designed applications using corrugated plastic tubing.

The Wonderlic Solution

Beginning in 2006 and carrying through to today, Cleveland Tubing, Inc. (CTI) has made a significant cultural shift to grow their business through a combination of people acquisition and technological improvements. The people strategy comes down to a philosophy that Chris Turner, CTI General Manager calls, “the important aspects of good Human Resources science.” Chris explains, “Obviously the individual has to have the requisite experience and skill set, but in the simplest terms, you hire smart people who will learn fast and are naturally inclined to teamwork.”

It was that search for employees with the right combination of traits, to meet a variety of position profiles that led Turner to Wonderlic. “We use a combination of cognitive ability and personality tests to help predict a candidate’s future performance and on-the-job success. The Wonderlic Personnel Test is our mainstay for general aptitude assessment, and then either the Personal Characteristics Inventory or Comprehensive Personality profile based on whether the necessary personality traits are more technical or sales focused,” shares Turner. In addition, Cleveland Tubing also uses the Wonderlic Productivity Index for entry/mid-level production positions. To date, CTI has successfully hired functional team positions in Logistics, Production, Marketing and Sales.

When asked about the overall quality of their hiring decisions using Wonderlic assessments, Turner shares, “We’ve just recently hired four new people – three Operators and a Marketing Assistant and we had a tough decision based on the fact that our finalists were some very high caliber folks!” And in regards to the automation of the assessment process, Turner adds, “We had more than 750 candidates for these positions and hired the four in just five calendar weeks. How does that rate for speed?”

Even the outside consulting firm that worked with CTI on their five-year strategic plan was impressed with the quality of new personnel. One of the consulting firm’s representatives pulled Turner aside to share that, “the amount of talent in the company was scary and it was certainly unfair to their competition!”

Turner sums up Cleveland Tubing’s experience with Wonderlic’s assessments, “What’s great about Wonderlic is the flexibility you have in working with them. For most positions they can offer a testing solution that’s automated and available online in 48 hours. For more customized solutions I can work with one of their Industrial/Organizational Psychologists to perform a job analysis that gets specifically to the traits and skills we want to identify through testing. And overall our use of the tests has made our managers even more effective leaders, because they have much deeper insight into the individuals that report to them.”