CEO International Client Story

I’ve seen the Wonderlic tests work for twenty years, which is why I believe in them.

Client Spotlight: CEO International

CEO International is a thriving international management consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing plant start-ups, business development, strategic planning, leadership development, change management, executive coaching, and project management.

Kari Viglasky, President of CEO International, is a member of the Canadian Association of Women Executives and Entrepreneurs, the Institute of Professional Management, and the International Alliance. The company is based in Merlin, Ontario.

Consulting Firm Has Long Term Success with Wonderlic Tests

CEO International, a management consulting firm, helps international organizations open new divisions and provides such services as recruiting, screening new employees, and writing company policies.

Kari Viglasky, President of CEO, uses Wonderlic tests and assessments to aid in consulting. Years of administering the tests as a human resources employee gave her great confidence in using them for her own company. “I’ve seen the Wonderlic tests work for twenty years, which is why I believe in them,” Viglasky says.

When Viglasky begins working with a new client, Wonderlic recommends specific test score ranges to meet the specific needs of that organization. She insists that Wonderlic be a part of that process. “I won’t work with a client if they won’t use the tests because we rely on them so much,” she admits.

Depending on client need, she uses the Wonderlic Personnel Test, the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory, the Wonderlic 360 Review, or the Wonderlic Comprehensive Personality Profile.

The tests help her quickly screen out unqualified candidates, which cuts down on time reviewing thousands of applicants. For example, she recently helped an automotive company open a division that needed 500 new employees. She received 11,000 applications. Applicants were screened in groups of 50 and given the Wonderlic Personnel Test and Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory. “If they couldn’t get a passing score on those two tests they were out,” she says.

The tests eliminated 50% of the applicants, who may have otherwise been hired. “Anyone can behave properly for an hour in an interview, but you can’t fool the tests,” Viglasky says. “Hiring someone is a huge investment. If you don’t test people, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s too late.”

Fortunately, her clients agree, and embrace the tests as part of their own recruiting strategies. Several of her clients are still using Wonderlic, and have incorporated the tests into other areas of their businesses.