Career Networks Institute Client Story

We want to be the best school we can be. The Wonderlic Student Opinion Survey helps us do that.

Client Spotlight: Career Networks Institute

Career Networks Institute, in Costa Mesa, California, offers fully accredited Associates Degree and diploma programs from six to twelve months of study, with flexible class schedules. Graduates are employed by top medical facilities such as the West Anaheim Medical Center, Western Medical Center, Anaheim General Hospital, Chapman Medical Center, Anaheim Memorial, Hoag Hospital, UCI Medical Center, St. Joseph Hospital, and Kaiser Permanente.

Opinion Survey Boosts Satisfaction Rating

Career Networks Institute (CNI), an accredited allied health careers college based in Costa Mesa, California, uses a customized Wonderlic Student Opinion Survey to dig deep into students’ opinions of the school, its faculty, and its services. “You have to be courageous to use the Wonderlic survey,” says Jim Buffington, president of CNI. “It asks all the questions that need to be asked of students.”

Buffington began using the Wonderlic survey after learning about it at a convention. “… our students are customers and we think it’s important to know how they feel,” he explains.

The customized Wonderlic questionnaire asks students about their satisfaction with everything from financial aid, school administration, and educational resources to the faculty and placement services. It also asks if students are happy with the school overall and if they’d recommend it to friends. “The data we collect from the survey has given us a better view of the outcomes of the whole institution,” Buffington says.

The first report showed that 87% of students were satisfied with the overall CNI experience and that 82% would recommend it to friends. “To me that’s a big indicator that we are going in the right direction,” he says. “The Wonderlic survey gives our team an opportunity to see the positive response to their hard work.” Results of the survey were shared at department meetings and specific teachers received praise and awards for their top ratings.

Buffington is pleased that the data also showed areas for improvement. Once the school was made aware of its shortcomings, it immediately implemented strategies to improve them. Now placement personnel speak to students in classrooms, ensuring that everyone is made aware of the services available. “The Wonderlic survey showed us what needed to be fixed. It’s helping us adapt our services to the needs of students,” he says.

Because the school is so happy with the surveys, Buffington expects to offer it two to four times a year. He also expects satisfaction ratings to be even higher the next time. “We want to be the best school we can be,” he says. “The Wonderlic Student Opinion Survey helps us do that.”